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Oct. 15th, 2005 @ 10:23 am New to the community
I'm new here...thought perhaps I could get tips/info on hard-to-find Disney character scrapbooking items. I will be keeping my eyes open...

I've been using Disney scrapbook stickers, papers & embellishments to make Shadow boxes...I've also added clocks and/or wind-up music boxes to them. They are all custom designs...I never make any two the same. I've been selling them on Ebay and while they're not selling too well now, I think around Christmas, they might do okay. Most people are still concentrating on Halloween and start to spaz out about Christmas as Thanksgiving approaches. I've been using some of the sticker embellishments for music box photo holders too...they turn out quite cute.

Does anyone know where I can purchase (online) the Disney Fairy Tale Weddings scrapbook kit? I bought one at Disneyland almost two years ago, but have used most of the embellishments and need to find more of these kits.

Oh and if anyone is interested, my auctions can be found here.
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