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Dec. 11th, 2005 @ 03:32 am pooh scrapbook stuff
hello, hello, i'm new here.

i've always been a crafty type, but i tend to float from project to project. from beads in childhood to papercrafts in college to creating generally pretty & useful things now. i put in my time working at both michaels and joann fabrics. i taught one sister to make cards and now she's gone so far beyond me, making cards for all her friends and coworkers, and scrapbooks for herself. the other sister, i taught to knit, and she barreled right into crochet and is doing all sorts of awesome stuff in both of them. recently i branched out into sewing, and of course i'm having a ball.
i like to think of myself as a creativity fairy, sprinkling little motes of inspiration wherever i go. (this wasn't helped when i worked at michaels as the event cordinator, i would do all the demonstrations, and everyone would just page me if someone wanted a good person to brainstorm something)

i am also a huge packrat. i have mementos (bins) of each different interest, because one day i will make that altered book about love, or scrapbook my european vacation, or knit just one more scarf before i give away all my yarn.
i have always been a disney fan, and the disney store used to rock for adults. now it's a big pile of stuffed characters in the middle with kid's costumes & clothing on the sides. before it started sucking, i indulged in a while bunch of winnie the pooh stuff that was called "simply pooh". pooh & characters were drawn in soft colored pencils and i just fell in love with (and bought) it all. i even went and worked at disneyworld (magic kingdom turnstiles "please put your ticket in the orange slot & wait for the arrow, thankyou and welcome to the magic kingdom!") in fall/winter 2000 through a program in college, and had a ball there.

i ended up using about half of my stationary, but i really can't imagine making a winnie the pooh scrapbook anymore. i decided to go ahead and try to sell it on ebay, so behind the cut is a picture of what i have up, and the link to the ebay sale if anyone's interested.

too much scrapbooking stuff for picture!

this is the link to the scrapbooking kit auction

lots of pooh stationary

and this is the link to the stationary kit auction.

they could totally be used as complements to each other, so if one bidder wins them both i'll combine shipping from $10 to $7.

i did read the userinfo carefully, so i hope that i'm not breaking any rules by posting this here. this is where i break a personal rule by being one of "those community members" and saying that if selling posts aren't allowed, i really am sorry, & please feel free to delete this.

thanks for looking!
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Date:March 26th, 2006 06:40 pm (UTC)
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i used to love the Simply Pooh from the Disney Store. i have a couple of notebooks with stationary in them as well. awww.
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